HR services Focus on Strategic Alignment with the Business is a Must for HR

Focus on Strategic Alignment with the Business is a Must for HR

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For HR to maintain its place at the boardroom table, it must focus on strategic alignment with the business. Experts say that HR that concentrate much on administration and compliance at the cost of alignment and enablement risk losing its place at the boardroom table. Digital trends all over the globe are rapidly transforming. These range from artificial intelligence (AI) to big data and mobility. In this world, the human resources function should reinvent itself as a digital, data-driven partner to your business.

Coenette Bosman, a Sage business partner, Parity Head of Consulting (HRP) warned about prioritising of compliance and administration instead of focusing on strategic alignment. Bosman further said that HR has had no change in decades. Targeting the country, the expert was speaking in, the Head of Consulting talked about heavily centralised HR departments that focus on meeting the requirements of static workforces organised around certain skills and functions. The departments focus chiefly on rules, processes, efficiency and structure instead of organisational outcomes.

The increased in the complexity of the business environment demands that the HR evolve into proactive, service-driven partners to the business. This will help a company to handle the complexity also experienced in terms of regulations, client expectations as well as changing technology and workforce. Bosman believes HR should be at the forefront of driving strategic change since it is involved in almost everything in the organisation.

Despite organisations adoption more agile organisational structures thanks to changing social landscapes and digital technology, businesses are not changing from rigid hierarchies to more fluid structures based on projects and clients’ outcomes fast enough.

According to Bosman, it is required that HR services grow more closely aligned with the business strategy, the impact on the major environment on businesses. These must aim at being more proactive in driving organisational change. This shows the high need for a greater focus on learning, innovation and customer impact in a company.

Experts at an organisation should also focus on harnessing data for decision-making and digital tools for improved collaboration. Bosman further said that HR must make sure the people, services and solutions it delivers help to align the company with its clients’ needs. Another expert points out that the HR functions absorbed by challenges such as labour relations, labour law and employment in the recent years must focus on ways to aid the organisation to build a tech-augmented, innovative workforce. Similar to the entire organisation, HR needs to be more flexible, creative and entrepreneurial in its operations.

The Regional Director: People Business Partners at Sage Debbie Moyce talked about HR and what it needs to focus on. There is a need for concentration on the elements of the function that add the most value, increase the employees’ engagement, retention and talent acquisition as well as performance optimisation.

There are strategies that lead to the establishment of a robust, modern human resource management system in place. Such measures are ideal not only freeing up the time to focus on adding value but also benefit from access to needed data for better business driving decisions.

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